BREAKING: Gov. McAuliffe Declares State of Emergency in Charlottesville

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  1. neilmaccallister August 13th, 2017 at 6:26 am

    I believe that “State of Emergency” accurately describes Virginia — or any state — governed by anyone as “slow and indecisive” as Virginia’s “slow and indecisive” Democrat Governor Terry McAuliffe.

    I’ll bet 100-1, that Mr. McAuliffe strongly hoped for a riot — which he could then dishonestly then blame on President Donald Trump.

    1. The city plans to bring down a Gen. Robert E. Lee statue

    2. A group “Unite the Right” files for — and receives — a Rally permit in the month preceding the statue removal.

    3. Internet notices are sent to millions of social activists, asking them to come and disrupt the rally.

    4. Gov. McAulliffe learns that thousands of protesters may come to the city rally, and he figures those crowds might cause prblems.

    5. So, four days before the rally, the city changes its mind about permitting the “Unite the Right” rally.

    6. One day before the rally, “Unite the right” wins an injunction against the city altering the ralley permit that it had previously approved.

    7. Crowds of counter-rallyers gathered (without permits) — and fights started.

    8. Governor McAulliffe stated — in a television camera speech — his hopes the every one would just “go home” and leave him alone.

    9. Banners are flown, rocks are thrown, tempers flare, cars smash onto people.

    Mr. Governor?? ..did you ever pull-down that statue??

    Mr. Governor???


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