The 16 Things You Must Believe if the ‘Witch Hunt’ Accusation Is True Mona Charen · Jul. 14, 2017

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  1. neil maccallister July 15th, 2017 at 1:32 pm

    Mona Charen sat within that panel at the National Review which hated the idea of Americans chosing a successful construction contractor (..instead of that panel of “real thinkers” at the National Review!)
    to be their country’s president.

    That successful builder, Donald Trump, asked those voters to vote with him, to now rebuild America itself!

    The American people, and Donald Trump, won!!


    But that win caused the wrath of all the ‘Never Trumpers’ in
    the media (of which Mona is one!), and also the wrath of Washington’s “Union of Perpetual Government Employees”, to hogtie and muzzle Donald Trump, and try to make it impossible for Donald Trump, and the American voters, to act upon their choice of “a brighter future” for America!

    The Congress, the media, and the seated government, refuse to offer anything of value to America!

    But they sure know how to rip up the rails upon which the President’s train of productivity rides!!

    And they sure work hard at keeping Trump unable to deliver his voice and his encouragements back to those Americans!


    Mona tosses out from her essay here, the same “nothing sandwiches”, that those college haters throw at any rational speaker who, like President Trump, asks that America once again try to be “great”!


    President Trump may be held mute and bound in the White House for 4 years — just like that chinese activist Xu Zhiyong, who had
    “organized monthly dinners to discuss China’s constitution and other legal issues.”

    Mona “Never Trump” Charen,..along with CNN, WaPo, NYTimes, ..and the Congress itself,..

    ..are now themselves those communist chinese “silencers” of Xu Zhiyong, ..and the McCarthyite HUAC “investigators” of Dalton Trumbo.

    Oh, Democrats! far you have fallen down!!


    Turn around, Democrats!

    ..and, “from virtuous toils well borne, we’ll raise our hopes of endless light”.


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